Lorca’s Week In Review

This is me when I figured out that I go back to work tomorrow.

Basically, anyone who is not a teacher is not going to feel the least bit sorry for me. But since I teach in the prison, we only get the month of July off in the summer. Yeah, I know. Cry me a handful. I still get way more time off than most people. But it doesn’t make me happy about going back to work tomorrow.

Since I was vacationing on borrowed time, I spent this last week traveling and getting kicked out of some of the nicer museums and attractions in this part of the country. If I wasn’t supposed to make fun of the inmates at the aquarium, why did you put them on display in giant tanks and let me walk through staring at them?

In less evicting news, I reviewed some real books for my real job and let me tell you, I hate mysteries but even I got sucked into a book coming out at the end of the month called Trickster’s Point by William Kent Krueger. On the other hand, I was left thoroughly confused by Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead because I couldn’t figure out who we were supposed to like.

On my autism blog, I explain all about how I’m really confused by people who shout mean things about autism awareness through their bumper stickers, and I posted a really fun video of Carrie bouncing on my yoga ball (this is the same yoga ball she popped with her butt about a week after I took the video).

On some of the blogs I read, I found out that one lady has a rooster that’s living on borrowed time and this one other blogger thinks way too highly of lobsters. I also read one brilliant post just because how do you not click on the title, “Aren’t You Paid Not To Be Dumb?”

And finally, here’s all the hilarious stuff I found on Pinterest this week when I was supposed to be writing, but since I put the link to the funny Pinterest stuff on this blog on Sunday, then it’s practically research. I should get paid for it. There’s also this one recipe I found on Pinterest, and even though I shun recipes as a general rule because they involve cooking something, it’s for a cold remedy that this lady swears by. I’ll have to post it, but it involved honey, cider vinegar, cayenne, and ginger. I don’t remember the measurements, but just start adding it together until you feel better.

8 thoughts on “Lorca’s Week In Review

  1. If you think about life is a prison; we can’t leave the earth, we’re lifers, and we may well be able to move about and see more stuff than prisoners, but we’re not free really are we? Not in a capitalist world. That’s my socialist rant… now back to the real world. What’s the address of your autism blog?

      • There was a reply to my comment from a guy whose facebook account places him Pretoria South Africa. It took me a while to translate it. You haven’t approved it, but I think Nobukhosi’s comment was either “What can the nations do if the UN lets the bankers get away with it?” Or What can the UN do if the nations let the bankers get away with it?” Is that right Nobukhosi? Online translators placed your language as Gujerati which only translates into phonetic English so I had to listen to the message in phonetic English, reorder the sounds and then what’s above is the best I could get. One translation had the word ‘freedom’ but that was from Urdu… anyway Lorca it took me ages to work out what Nobukhosi said and I agree with him, either way around! How’s life?

        • Well, you’re both right, but unfortunately his comment was spam! WordPress’s spam filters apparently have broken because I’ve gotten about 43 of those very random comments. Kudos to you for translating and understanding him all the more!

  2. Sounds like a full week. What aquarium did you visit? We just took my dad to the Monterey Bay (California) Aquarium this past Thursday. He had never been to see the inmates there. πŸ˜‰ Sorry to hear you have to get back to work. I’ve been on vacation and have one more week.
    Thanks for sharing.


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