And This Is Why I Love You, Internet People

Really. You’re the best. Sadly, even though all of you agree with me about my home repair crisis, my husband doesn’t think you’re special at all and he refuses to uninstall the new microwave oven and take it back to the store to get one with green LED numbers instead of blue ones. He’s a hater, y’all.

Some of you felt that I should just not use the appliance, which would be my first go-to plan, except I can’t really swear that I ever used it much in the first place. I didn’t say I don’t like USING the microwave, I said I didn’t like SEEING the microwave.

But then, when I began having car trouble because I found out that my new Toyota is a drug addict, once again it was Internet People to the rescue who insisted that my husband take this seriously and foot the bill for an in-patient treatment option. Again, he declined. I’m telling you, he just doesn’t care like we do.

The latest problem in my household that all of you Internet People will completely understand but that my poo-poo-head husband thinks is stupid if Pinterest. See? All I had to do was say, “Pinterest,” and you sat up straighter in your chair hoping to see cat memes and nasty e-cards. My husband doesn’t see it as productive work, and gripes a lot about me pinning things like awesome recipes that I don’t ever plan to cook even if I didn’t have an ugly, mismatched microwave.

Basically, it’s taught me that some people are just jerks who can’t be trusted to go out on a limb for vehicles with drug problems or cats with their heads stuck in Kleenex boxes. But I have all of you, and that makes up for it.

10 thoughts on “And This Is Why I Love You, Internet People

  1. I have pretty much determined, via a very (un)scientific poll that the internet is pretty much the only place where we can get the support we need.

    • True. Which is why the microwave is still in my house. Because when real live people really come over, they look at it, shrug, and say, “Ah. Whadda ya gonna do?”

  2. I never looked at the clocks on my stove and microwave until you happened and guess what! They too are mismatched. Now I sigh each time I see them in the kitchen. And as far as Pinterest goes, you can NEVER, EVER have too many pictures of cats!!!!!

  3. OK, I’ve just developed an iPhone app that uses the phone’s camera to take a picture of the clock once every second, decode the time, and paint the time in a similar-looking font, on the face of the iPhone. You can pick from any of 16.7-million colors. You just glue the iPhone in place over the microwave clock, at least 1/2″ away from the clock and BAM! Your problem is solved. Of course if you have the money for a $500 iPhone to fix this problem then surely it’s worth $200 to download the app. 🙂

  4. But Pinterest is so cool! It is where I got the recipe for fried alligator tail and a pattern to make my own tea cosy! If he spent some time there he would have noticed the mismatched microwave numbers!!

  5. Ya know, you can fix that blue/green clock problem with a smallish piece of duct tape. Do you really need two clocks that close together?

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