Those Jerks at Pinterest Burned My House Down

No, really. They did. Here’s how it went down:

I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest that I thought might help us bond more as a family instead of waving at each other in the hallways of our house. The photo very clearly showed that this item was not going to get hot.


“But wait, Lorca,” you say, “aren’t you a science teacher? Didn’t you know that putting flaming charcoal briquettes in a terra cotta container would make the whole thing get hot?”

Shut up. You’re not the boss of me. And besides, I think that’s chemistry or something. I majored in biology. If you put flaming charcoal briquettes in a frog, I would totally be able to predict what would happen.


So there we were, having a family moment. Well, three of us were. My husband is afraid of bugs and he refused to come outside, even while I was roasting marshmallows in this handy dandy container and teaching them the words to “Cat’s in the Cradle.” We had a blast. Until this happened.

The best part of my husband’s stupid bug phobia is he still doesn’t know there’s a charred hole in our house. I paid a lot of money yesterday to have a little bit of wood delivered and I’m going to make this whole outdoor kid’s play thing that will cover up the hole. More family bonding, I get rid of the evidence, and then I’ll have something to post on Pinterest to sucker some other unsuspecting do-it-yourselfer into destroying her home. Win.

30 thoughts on “Those Jerks at Pinterest Burned My House Down

  1. […] WARNING: I know this might sound like common sense, but it’s really not. Why? Because of websites where items like this are photographed badly. I happen to know someone who blogged about this very fire pot, and how it burned a hole straight through her deck. She’d seen the picture on Pinterest, and in the photo, there were people holding these little pots while they burned. She knew it would get warm, but not warm enough to char wood. Eventually, this woman’s story was actually featured on Pinterest Fail. Check it out. […]

  2. Very funny! Absolutely something I would have done 🙂 Look closer at the photo — the pots are on a cement patio. Cheaters. What is the point of flaming tera cotta if there is no chance of burning the place down?? They are wimps, I say! You, my dear, are daring and live on the edge! Yeah! That’s it!

    • That’s right…I’m not an idiot, I’m fearless!

      For the record, the photo I saw on there was of someone actually holding the pot while it flamed. Therefore, I just assumed it didn’t get hot.

  3. Wow – yeah… it looks like the pin on pinterest left out a step… the terra cotta pot just needed to have some air between it and the deck (like bricks or those flower pot feet — ). I use a terra cotta pot as a smoker — Alton Brown was sure to mention needing to get some air between the flower pot and the ground. That one little step, had it been mentioned, would have saved your deck. 😛

      • What happens why you microwave a bar of ivory soap?!

        Great post btw I think my ex husband would have been the one to try this and I would have blown up…but pinning is so fun even if you rarely attempt a pin.

        • The soap is awesome. It MUST be Ivory. I put mine in a large glass pan and microwaved it for three minutes, stopping it whenever I felt like it. It turns into a massive cloud-shaped thing. I figured out the best thing is if you EVER need soap flakes for some reason (I don’t know why you would, but if you did) this is the absolute easiest way to do it because it literally crumbles in your hand.

  4. Now if you were really clever, you would have found some way to fool your husband into thinking he’d done it 😉 I once watched Mum pull a tap off the wall. She looked at it, looked at me, then stuck it back, balanced precariously, and said ‘Next time your father tries to turn the tap on, he’ll think he did it!’

    Yeah, OK, convincing your hubby he burned a whole in your house is a tad harder… I got nothing. But think about it! 🙂

  5. That sounds very male; did you accidentally eat a testosterone tablet? That’s the only way I can see a woman doing something so stupid only a man could do it and added to that you tried to hide it, which is very male.

  6. I’M DYING HERE! This was hilarious! It’s because the pot had a hole at the bottom right? If there wasn’t a hole, this would never have happened, I’m sure of it!

  7. How did the marshmallows turn out? Maybe you could just use fewer briquettes? I thought the home made “green egg” was awesome…well till I saw the hole. Hysterical.

  8. Would ya just go on and get your damn late night comedy show already? You could be billed as Ellen, with zip.

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