Lorca’s Week In Review (Sports Edition)

Well, that settles it. My offspring were slow runners in the family’s first-ever attempt at organized cross country running, my college football team barely got through in OVERTIME in a game that should never have made it to overtime, and I’m pretty sure people still think ping pong is an Olympic sport. I give up.

I rounded out the week by breaking a computer that I didn’t think was even more breakable, finishing the writing of my latest book (woohoo!), and drinking celebratory wine that was imported all the way from Birmingham for the occasion. Fortunately, I remembered to dye my hair BEFORE the wine this time.

I still found time to Pin funny stuff, and here’s the proof. This video is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in years, even if I am going to burn in hell for laughing at it.

And no, angry commenters, it’s not a funny video because he’s scared or because he’s overweight, it’s funny because his aunt’s the only person in his life willing to say to the kid, “Get your butt up on that ride! NOW!”

I reviewed another grown-up-like book for my day job, and it was another one of those books that pulls you in from the very beginning. Cascade was worth every penny and every minute.

In unrelated news, I figured out today that it is almost October, which means two things: Halloween and NaBloWriMo. Only one of those things is sexy, and I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out which one it is. Have a great week!

Buh-bye. Buh-bye. Thanks For Flying. Buh-bye.

Forget a coffee mug, I want this as my state-issued license plate.

I did it. I set out to see if I had the willpower and the brain cells to blog every single day in October and the end result is, yup, I do. It wasn’t always brilliant, and occasionally I cheated by taking a picture of something stupid and writing a few sentences that made fun of the picture, but it was the effort that counted.

Sadly, this blog will be abandoned for a while as I investigate whether or not I have the willpower and the brain cells to write a full-length novel in November. That’s writing almost 1700 words per day, and apparently the rules very clearly state that you can’t keep using the word “very” over and over. I overuse that word even when I’m NOT trying to stretch a word count.

I’ve had a run in with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in the past and I am proud to say that last year I completed my full novel with very few “verys.” But I wasn’t a blogger to distract me. This year I’m worried that my dedication to my forty-five fans will keep me from finishing my book. I hope all of you can live with yourselves.

Essentially, there probably won’t be a blog-post-a-day in November (you’re welcome), and when I am here I’ll be really bitchy and snarky, and probably whining about the book I’m trying to write. I’ll make it up to you with sneak peeks at what’s happening in the book, for which I’d love comments on the plot line that MIGHT even make their way into the story! Just use all your brain cells and not a lot of “verys.” Thanks.

Welcome to October! Feel free to leave.

In order to explain the crazy that is November, I’d have to back up and explain the insanity that is October. Every year in NOVEMBER (not October), the Office of Letters and Light hosts a month long event called National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I participated last year, it was a total barrel of monkeys.

In order to get ready for the grueling demands of NOVEMBER (not October), some writers decided that OCTOBER (not November) should be dedicated to disciplining ourselves for the job of writing almost 2000 words every day in NOVEMBER (not October) by holding what they call NaBloWriMo in OCTOBER (not November). Get your mind out of the gutter, the Blo part of NaBloWriMo stands for “blog.” Yup, we’re supposed to write a blog post on our sites every day in OCTOBER (not November)(doing that to the months of the year will never stop being funny).

So I’ve some how been dragged along to this clam bake by my fellow writers, and that means a daily blog post in OCTOBER (okay, it’s kind of wearing off now) from yours truly. Sadly, it takes massive amounts of energy drinks mixed with alcohol to write the funny stuff that I manage to post maybe four times a month, so OCTOBER on this blog is going to be fairly dull. Feel free to go over to ShitMyDadSays.com for the duration of the month.


However, as I QUICKLY run out of things to talk about, I will have to resort to posting a lot of pictures of random stuff from my new camera phone and every third picture I take is usually an accidental crotch shot. Fully clothed, get over yourself. I will also have to write a LOT about my friends and relatives, so check back often to see if you should take me off your Christmas card list for telling the entire Internet about you getting your first period in the food court of the mall when we were twelve. You were warned.