Let The Games Begin…

If you follow this blog, and especially if you follow my other blog, you probably know by now that things aren’t going so well with my daughter’s school. Her school system was able to cure her of her autism, so she doesn’t need special ed services next year. Now, we’re not talking “a little bit autistic” or “somewhere on the spectrum.” We’re talking about a child who has had a full-time aide by her side for five years, who has had several bathroom accidents this year, who can’t tie her shoes even though she’s going into middle school next year, and who has been picked up by the police alongside a major highway after an elopement episode. But the awesomeness that is public education was able to fix all of that. She’s cured. And will have her services slashed when she goes to the middle school next year.

Now, if you’ve been following this blog, you also know that I am one little blue pill away from going absolutely ape shit on someone. Mostly just for fun.

So after yesterday’s horrible IEP meeting where we once again did not come to an agreement on what the school should do for my daughter, I show up on campus this morning and this has happened:

BJTGDywCQAAvyBx.jpg large

Yes, that is my car. And yes, those are orange traffic cones that were placed there to keep me from driving onto campus to take my daughter to her classroom. For well over a year I’ve been told to park behind the school and walk my daughter to her classroom because her aide has cafeteria duty in the morning. But after yesterday’s meeting, I’m being blocked from parking by four rubber tubes that a vice principal snuck out there and deposited in the road.

I did the mature thing. I took a picture of it and texted it to the school board person over special ed, and then explained that this smelled a lot like retaliation. They disagree. The school just felt that child safety was at stake, and they had to take action.

Let the games begin…

12 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin…

  1. Holy POOP. What a nightmare for you all. I’m so sorry Lorca. You sound like a very determined lady. Huge admiration for you and I hope that things get resolved soon. I bet you felt like putting those cones up where the sun don’t shine! Lottie

  2. Lorca, this is–this is the kind of story that becomes major news. Like, watershed stuff. I am flabbergasted. This so obviously is going to end with you drowning in lucre while the school system holds out a paper cup on a pre-industrial street corner, coughing on the dust kicked up by the dray horses clogging past. How can they not see that?

    • Because the law doesn’t necessarily work that way. One thing the school has pulled this week is to be very careful with their wording. My daughter will have “supervision” 100% of the day. Duh, so does every student. Her core classes will have an aide in them. Notice I said “have.” I’ve already been explained to that it doesn’t mean that aide will work with my daughter. That aide might never bother to learn her name. There just be an aide in there. That kind of legalese could keep us from winning. Even my husband didn’t get it until I actually demonstrated: “Okay, you’re our kid. You sit right here. I’m the aide waaaaaay over here. I don’t ever have to come to your side of the room. Get it?”

  3. WTF….. they do sound like a bunch of clowns, are you sure they weren’t wearing white faces with big red mouths, a red nose and a buttonhole flower that squirted LSD in your face and that you are not just hallucinating this whole thing ……..

    What a bunch of wankers! Oh, are they licensing their cure for autism and if so make sure you get your share of the profit as they clearly used your daughter as the guinea pig, although I am in no way calling her either a guinea or a pig – so no hateful responses ya all

    • We knew what you meant by guinea pig! I know. It’s just bizarre, and there’s no explanation for it whatsoever. They won’t even tell me who decided she didn’t need services. They simply say, “The team decided she doesn’t need it.” I love how careful they’ve been with their wording. Not she doesn’t QUALIFY, she just doesn’t NEED it. She’s needed it every year she’s ever been in school, how is next year different???

  4. As a mother whose four children who went through various public schools, I can tell you that such petty retaliation is common. The school personnel often take that attitude that ” we are in charge , we are the professionals and we know what is best for your child–whether we have ever met her or not”. Once you make it plain that you are going to fight for your child, they have no use for you. I have heard teachers complain about “lazy” or “uncaring” parents because, faced with that attitude, they don’t want to come to the school! Surprise.

    • This is gonna go on for ever. I keep thinking about this and was talking to my daughter about it this morning at my grandson’s ball game. My oldest child is 45. There were few labels in those days. I fought to get her in special ed. The prinicpal actually said most parents don’t want the kid labelled. She left high school a semester early at 17 and a half. They told me they had nothing more for her. I was told years later that she could have gone to community college with special services until she was 21 if I hadn’t “accepted” the diploma. This has affected her whole life and that of her children, one of whom still resides with me. Not only should they be grateful you are advocating for your child, they should support that whole-heartedly.

      • Thanks you! I can’t even let myself think about high school right now, and how much I’m going to have to fight. It’s too hard. I’m just trying to make them do what they’re supposed to do for her in ELEMENTARY school! Thank you for pioneering those of us who have clearly spelled out rights today!

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