#CTTW: You Changed the World a Little Bit

This is another one of those rare posts that isn’t supposed to be funny (as opposed to my posts that happen to not be funny because I’m just not that good a writer). You would think this one would be a hoot since yesterday I went to the dentist to have a crown put on and I totally misunderstood the whole process. It does not, in fact, result in me being named the Queen of anything. In fact, it resulted in the dentist breaking the tooth he was trying to fix and then having to pull the mother fucker out of my head in four different pieces.

You would also think this post would be funny because I’m now on really good drugs (see story above). Sadly, if I’m this bizarre when I’m supposedly sober, I should be awesome while high. I’m not. Instead, I make tree sloths look like steroid-abusing Olympic athletes.

But here is the serious post: you changed the world a little bit. You, my good internet people, answered the call and filled in the gaps. When I was given twenty copies of Fahrenheit 451 to give to my students for World Book Night, all of you took to the internet and sent gift cards for me to buy extra copies for the remaining students. I not only ended up with enough to give to every student, there are about five leftover copies on my desk that I give to new students coming in.

One student was actually in the facility with me last year and remembered being given last year’s book, The Book Thief. He said it was the only book he’d read at the time, but that he’s read “way more’n dat” since then. His face lit up when I handed him this year’s book.

Other students told me a much more heart-wrenching tale. Several told me that they read it one time just because I was nice enough to give it to them, and that it was good enough that they had to read it again. MANY students told me a different story:

“If all those people on the internet bought this book for me, the least I could do is read it for them.”

You. You did that. And I’m clapping for you right now.

13 thoughts on “#CTTW: You Changed the World a Little Bit

  1. Incredible. I can’t imagine my life without reading! What doors you are opening to these kids. So glad to have played a small part. Prayers for you and your students.

  2. Wow! That was awesome. I’m sorry I missed that, but am so glad it worked out so well. That was very cool. I’m sorry to hear about your tooth. I hope things have calmed down in that front.


  3. Lorca YOU ARE TOO BLOODY FUNNY and have a big heart to boot I almost choked at the tooth story and you know I’m not well and laughter doesn’t help in the least but keep making me laugh ……

    You keep helping those students the payback will be awesome for you my sweet xxxx

  4. Nice about the books. Humility is beautiful but YOU did it. Sucks about tooth. And they never say ‘well, I’ll give you a break on how much it will cost to fix the damage I did.’

    • I wish! No, to be fair, the dentist did tell me he wasn’t sure there was enough left to crown it. I just didn’t know HE was going to break it! He offered to send me to an oral surgeon to have it removed, but I’m such a bad ass that I told him to just pull it. Actually, I think I said, “I’m chicken shit, and if I leave here with that tooth in my head I’ll never go get it pulled. You might want to do it now.” And then I cried a lot.

  5. You made me tear up reading this post. I had to check twice to see who wrote it. Well done, woman. Your students are very lucky to have you and so are your readers. If you are collecting for more books, please let me know – I’d love to help too. My husband is a high school English teachers and he’d give me he’ll if I didn’t.

    • You’re amazing for offering. AFter the WBN event (which I needed new copies of the book), I can take even boxed up used books if you can afford to get them to me! OR, most of the donors just emailed gift cards.

      Btw, I’d love for you to check out my students’ writing website! It’s WritersOnTheInside.com.

      • Let me ask my husband first what books he needs to keep for his students, and the rest I can mail out to you. What’s your mailing address or the address where the books should be sent? (If you want to email me the details send to: frontdoorbooks04@gmail.com.) By the way, my husband works with at risk youth, second language learners, and Special Ed kids (autistic, Aspergers, Down Syndrome) and each year he puts on a Shakespeare play with the kids. They absolutely love the production, and the camaraderie that happens among the students as they take on acting, and production responsibilities as a team, is truly amazing. Keep up the good work and the good writing!

        • That’s incredible. My daughter has autism and I think she would LOVE to put on a play! She’s always putting on shows for her stuffed animals where she dances along to the iPad. I’ll email you an address. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you! There are days when I have to remind myself why I do it, but it’s never because of the students. Btw, I stayed home to recover from the toothectomy, but had to go to work and get something off my desk. As I walked through, they were doing the intake on a youth who could not have been more than ten years old. He’s the reason I’m going to work tomorrow, healed or not.

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