I’m Getting A Trapper Keeper Full of Men

I kept the TV off last night in case I would accidentally see a smidgeon of the debates, but I finally had to turn off my computer and go to bed because even Twitter and Facebook were bombarded with people making HILARIOUS comments on the debates, and I just can’t stand it when anyone is funnier than me on a public forum. But then the phrase “binder full of women” made its way out into the world and there was simply no turning back. I hope Romney will be known for all time as the Binder Man, just as George Bush the First has been immortalized with his Thousand Points of Light.

I’m not at all worried that Romney organizes his women in a giant binder. It’s probably just a Mormon thing, because you know how they are about genealogy. Plus, in this climate of obvious gender equality, it means I’m getting a Trapper Keeper full of men. No, Trapper Keeper is not a new euphemism for vagina.

In other news, you, my lovely international audience of poll voters, have spoken. The results are in. You believe strychnine is the worst flavor out there.

I was a little alarmed by the results of my last post’s polls. There were only five questions, people, couldn’t you take it seriously? Really? Strychnine is the flavor you want LEAST? Have you not suffered through pumpkin-flavored COFFEE?

I was actually pretty pleased to find out that most of you are treating your daily illnesses with voodoo. I’m all for faith-based initiatives, after all, and that’s just like a religious health clinic. We don’t need health insurance for all in this country, we just need more voodoo priestesses to wave dead chicken heads over our tumors.

We’re not going to talk about the fact that the debates prevent pregnancy, but in fairness to you, I can’t look at Obama, Romney, Biden, or Ryan and THEN think, “Yeah, I think I’ll go in there and put on somethin’ sexy!”

It was very interesting that MOST of you feel that your candidate is not going to win the White House next month. That’s good, especially since prior to last night’s debate Obama and Romney were considered nearly neck-and-neck. It just means that Washington has finally won, and Americans no longer have any hope.

8 thoughts on “I’m Getting A Trapper Keeper Full of Men

  1. Well, let’s see; “faith-based health clinics.” Nice. This sounds like my voodoo Help Desk from when I worked at IBM and didn’t feel like explaining to someone how I fixed their computers and I either told them it “healed itself” or I waved chicken bones over my monitor and chanted some spells at it. I wasn’t aware strychnine was a flavor, but I’ll bear that in mind. Is this more of that weird Japanese whatsis where they meld 2 flavors? Pumpking-flavored coffee. Nvm. Great post. Can’t wait for the Trapper keeper full o’ men. I flashed back to the 80s there for a minute.

  2. Well, I sure as shit have no hope. My husband turned on the debate while I was watching the Yankees. Can you believe it? He preempted the Yankees, who I detest, to watch the stinkin’ debate. I hate presidential debates worse than I hate either the Yankees or the Dodgers, and that’s a lot of hate. They make me nauseated, presidential debates that is. Definitely a good method of birth control and guess what… it’s free!

    • No, I’m fairly sure the govt will find a way to make sure you no longer get to rely on free Yankee birth control. You’re going to have to pay for it and hope to god it’s covered, somehow.

      • Already have an IUD. Good for 5 years. I’m covered. I’m sweating a lot of things but not the birth control issue.

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