Lorca’s Week in Review (Kind of like Tosh.0, but nowhere near as funny)

A whole lot of crazy has happened this week, including receiving a 20% off any service from Pauline’s Escort Service (except group packages) coupon in the mail. Our dog managed to break her tail, I finished my last day of school for the summer in the jail even though we decided not to have a graduation ceremony this year after last year’s graduating class threw their hats over the surveillance cameras and started a riot, and I ran out of mint for making mint juleps and had to resort to dropping peppermint Tums into a chilled glass of whiskey. I also commemorated the twelfth anniversary of the day my lady garden got ripped apart by a mini-human. What’s been happening with you?

On my friends’ blogs, I came across:

“I Shaved My Back for Nothing!”

“Fifty Shades of Gay Karaoke What?”

“Your Drunken Parents”

On my Autism blog, I explain all about how summer can just suck if you’re not entirely normal and how it’s probably not right to compare autism to the hottest book of schmexy erotica available in your local library.

Just to prove I really do want to be an intellectual when I grow up, I reviewed the memoir of Jacqueline Kennedy’s Secret Service agent. It was good. It had lots of pictures, but that’s not why it was good.

On my Pinterest boards, I pinned a whole lot of pictures of funny things.

I also found a whole new blog by a lady who is determined to take down Pinterest, one irritatingly cute perfect craft idea at a time. She basically fucks up all the cute “super-easy” things that people pin, then she blogs about it. It’s not fair…I was fucking up simple stuff way before Pinterest came along.

Have a great week!!!



6 thoughts on “Lorca’s Week in Review (Kind of like Tosh.0, but nowhere near as funny)

  1. loved the “pins”. The little watermelon baby would make a great baby shower centerpiece…assuming you are one of those people who ever needs a centerpiece….

    • Thanks! And yes, he can be mean, but he’s my guilty pleasure. I try not to pee laughing while secretly hoping the neighbors don’t see me watching his show through my windows!

  2. Hey Lorca, based on the info in your “week in review,” clearly I am missing way too much so had to subscribe to your blog :-O Gotta know more about the school-in-jail gig, and if the dog’s tail heals without a bend. FYI, Toby Neal’s post sent me your way!

    • That’s great! Toby’s so awesome and she’s never killed a kitten as far as I can tell.

      Yes, I work in a jail as a teacher. Remember My Name is Earl? It’s a lot like that.

      My dog is resting comfortably, but her attempts to pee in a ladylike fashion result in yelping and a wet tail. We’re at TailCon yellow, for obvious reasons.

      And if you found last week’s stuff amusing, just wait until I find a new kind of stupid for next week! Thanks for reading!

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