The Bloggess Has Cooler Shit Than I Do

Yup. That’s totally me with The Bloggess. Suck it.

No one has ever brought me a cupcake with a dead monkey on it. Let me explain.

I went to cover a book signing last night for the website I work for. Jenny Lawson, aka @TheBloggess, was shamelessly pedaling her book just because it happens to be on some famous list of books. I don’t know which list, but it has some newspaper name in the title. Let me tell you, the woman was worse than a back alley crack dealer. She sat there for hours and hours because people kept coming up to her and hugging her and stuff. And presumably bought some crack from her. I mean, a book.

The weird thing is her drugged out customers brought her peace offerings of all kinds of crazy-assed stuff. Cupcakes with fondant dead monkeys on them, superhero capes with giant chickens on the back, even metal bugs. Even crazier were the people who wanted their boobs signed.

And through the hundreds of people who wanted their books, their boobs, several baseball bats, and their prescription bottles signed, I waited. Diligently. Because I’m THAT kind of employee. And while I did ultimately end up getting a great interview with The Bloggess, I was a little put out that I hadn’t thought to bring a piece of crap from my house for her to sign. Then I remembered that I had half used carton of cream cheese in my purse (and no, I don’t have to tell you why). But I was afraid she might be lactose intolerant and if I killed her with my cream cheese, her legions of fans might come after me and half of them were holding sharp metal chickens that could cut me. I just got my book signed and went home.

After we were done, she offered me a cupcake which I think is where she hides the crack. Because she’s great like that.

12 thoughts on “The Bloggess Has Cooler Shit Than I Do

  1. Lorca,

    I actually met my current girlfriend through my blog through Jenny’s blog. Long story, but if you head over to my site, on the right hand side there’s a piece in “most popular” about doing something crazy over Thanksgiving. Check it out!

    Also, I need to dramatically reduce load time on my site. Can you assist with some CSS magic and doing image sprites and stuff? Thanks.

  2. LMAO! You have way too much fun here! I will have to see what is going on with this Bloggess person. Were all boobs being signed or was this only a certain gender’s? I’m tired of missing out on all the fun! 😉
    Have a great weekend.


  3. You have the most interesting experiences. I’ll sign your boobs if ever we meet IRL! 🙂

  4. I missed the event,and it makes me sad. I love The Bloggess,and everyone who knows about her knows she had this thing for taxidermied animals, and bought her hubby a big metal chicken named “Beyonce”. So lucky!! Jenny Lawson is one of the funniest women I’ve ever encountered on a blog. Jealousy is eating me. 😉

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