Stephen Hawking Is Scary Smart And So Am I

Someone just Googled “stephen hawking chalkboard” and somehow the cruelty that is the Universe took them to my blog. Which totally makes sense, since I’m just as smart as he is. Wait. I take that back. Especially since I misspelled Stephen Hawking.

However, I did get to schmooze like a total fan girl with LeVar Burton at a conference I went to in New York this week. LeVar Burton is not only the guy from Roots AND the guy from Reading Rainbow AND the guy from Star Trek, he’s also the powerhouse behind a whole new kind of publishing company that makes books for kids on iPads. He’s like the trifecta of smart-awesomeness. Wait. Quadrifecta. I, however, would be the de-fecta, since I also misspelled LeVar Burton’s name in this post.

Yup. That's me with the awesomeness that is LeVar Burton. Drink it all in.
Yup. That’s me with the awesomeness that is LeVar Burton. Drink it all in.

NaNoGate: Day Four

Due in large part to having two of the worst math teachers ever, having a brother who regularly used to receive phone calls from Stephen Hawking asking him to clear up a few fine points on worm holes, and due to one parent being so good at math that he couldn’t explain it and the other one barely even able to handle enough geometry to drive the car in a square by making four right hand turns, I suck at math. See how I didn’t take any of the blame on myself?

The weird thing is I really enjoyed algebra class. I never knew what was going on, but it was pleasant to be there.

So thanks to being so inept at basic addition and subtraction (or in this case it might be multiplication, I don’t even know which math tool to use here), I am way behind on my NaNo novel. No, I didn’t get sidetracked or have a lazy moment, I thought I was right on target with my daily goal. Turns out, I forgot to carry the one. A couple of times.

Therefore, nose to the grindstone and all that.