NaNoGate: Day Four

Due in large part to having two of the worst math teachers ever, having a brother who regularly used to receive phone calls from Stephen Hawking asking him to clear up a few fine points on worm holes, and due to one parent being so good at math that he couldn’t explain it and the other one barely even able to handle enough geometry to drive the car in a square by making four right hand turns, I suck at math. See how I didn’t take any of the blame on myself?

The weird thing is I really enjoyed algebra class. I never knew what was going on, but it was pleasant to be there.

So thanks to being so inept at basic addition and subtraction (or in this case it might be multiplication, I don’t even know which math tool to use here), I am way behind on my NaNo novel. No, I didn’t get sidetracked or have a lazy moment, I thought I was right on target with my daily goal. Turns out, I forgot to carry the one. A couple of times.

Therefore, nose to the grindstone and all that.

10 thoughts on “NaNoGate: Day Four

  1. Bravo, good luck on your novel 🙂 I haven’t had the time or guts to try it, but I can at least claim to be cheering on those of you who do!

    I loved algebra, but struggled with simple things like fractions and multiplication. Hopeless with geometry. My experience of math was long stretches wandering in a black wasteland punctuated by a few sparks of brilliance when I actually “got” something. I did have several good and patient teachers – there was just something in my brain wiring that couldn’t seem to grasp most concepts. The only reason I enjoyed algebra was because it seemed more like solving puzzles – which I love.

  2. Math. What does it ever do but cause problems? After I took calculus, I died of mental exhaustion. Now I’m a zombie because there’s too many numbers (and letters, for that matter) rolling around in my head.

  3. That was deft. You avoided taking the blame for sucking at math, then blamed getting behind in writing on math. Therefore, tracing it back, your writing woes are the fault of your teachers, brother, and parents. Well done! You deserve a drink!

  4. ROFL. I think I actually passed algebra II because the teacher never wanted to see my blank face again. I still don’t know exactly what people DO with algebra–maybe your brother could explain it to me. Or not. If poor earnest Mr Speck couldn’t make a dent it might not be worth the effort.

  5. I really understand the math thing. I started enjoying in college– still suck at it but found it to be the one thing where laws don’t change.

    I can’t imagine you have a problem with NaNo. You’re writing all the time.

    I did it last year and loved it. I can write a novel about a rock. It gives me a chance to write things that may never see the light of day because of content but it also makes me push. I’m right on schedule if the Thailand floods don’t get in my way.

    Good Luck!

    • That’s awesome! I did it last year and really enjoyed it, this year it’s just a little hectic in this first week. Hopefully it will settle down and I can’t get to writing.

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