You Don’t Have to Click on this, It’s Not a Really Good Post

Yup, it’s sheer laziness that has kept me from posting anything all week. In my defense, I’ve been busy. No, seriously, I mean it this time.

You’re gonna be seein’ this image when you close your eyes tonight.

It’s weird how even when you’re really busy there’s still time to get sucked into the black hole of playing around on the internet. My downfall is Pinterest. Going to Pinterest is like Alice falling down that rabbit hole and spending about a week or so in Wonderland and when she comes back up it’s still only about five minutes after she left the party. Except when I go on Pinterest and get sucked into looking at other people’s favorite pictures for three hours, it is actually three hours later when I finally dig my way out.

Of course, when Pinterest first came on the scene I had to get in on it, only because it was by invitation only. There’s no way I’m not accepting an invitation to a website that only us A-listers can go to. The rest of y’all can just wait behind this velvet rope until the man with the earpiece decides if you’re hot enough to come into this party. I might be confusing Pinterest with something cool like a movie premier or a bookstore opening.

So since my busy week has kept me from having the brain cells to think of anything (including what we’re going to eat for dinner), here are links to my favorite boards. If you don’t know how this works, be careful: you will emerge three hours later.

My this-crap-makes-me-laugh board:

My I-wish-I-lived-on-Martha’s-Vineyard-so-my-house-would-look-like-this board:

My favorite-books-whose-covers-have-appeared-on-the-internet-as-a-jpg-file-so-I-could-Easily-click-on-them-and-put-them-on-Pinterest-without-going-to-a-lot-of-effort board:

My these-pictures-are-so-cool-someone-really-should-make-them-into-a-calendar-and-sell-it-like-that-Greenpeace-calendar board: