UPDATED: Luscious, Flowing Eyelashes

Every once in a while I want to kill someone. It’s not usually because my victim actually did something to me or wronged me in any “Cask of Amontillado” kind of way, but just because I live in a world where this warning label is necessary.

Really. This is an actual photo of the warning label on MY flat-iron. I really wish it was some doctored photo off a goofy website.

Yes, folks, this warning label is on the cord to our flat-iron. An In-Styler brand flat-iron, to be precise, and no, I don’t have to tell you why I own one. For those not in the know (or those of you who are hairless…God still loves you), an In-Styler is a device with a 400-degree metal barrel that spins against a flat-piece of metal, also at 400-degrees. The point is to smooth your hair. Or in the case of this warning label, your eyelashes. Now I want to drive my car straight through a crowded McDonald’s.

These girls are all victims of eyelash ironing burns. Why didn't someone warn them?!? How long must this go on?

UPDATED: I can’t lie to you. The girls in this photo did not burn their eyes with their flat-irons. In fact, I REALLY wish they had. This is a photo from a fetish site…there are seriously weirdos out there who get turned on by woman who are bandaged! In their defense, they don’t want their women to ACTUALLY be injured, they just want them to be bandaged like they’re injured. I SOOOOO wish I was making that up. It’s called Injured Idol. Google, I swear, then you will owe me a Coke ’cause I’m right and you don’t believe me. NOW can I kill somebody please?