Lorca’s Week in Review (The Cheap and Easy Video Kind)

This week was a total wash. I caught a cold from an inmate and I barely had the energy to complete rudimentary personal hygiene tasks, let alone blog about the weirdness in my life. So here is a great video of my oldest daughter’s brilliantest idea ever: attempting a cartwheel in the hallway leading to my office. Basically, this one video kept me from having to think of anything profound to say here.

In more mature news, I reviewed a great book called No Easy Day. It was written by a member of SEAL Team Six who was there when Bin Laden was taken down. Probably the most interesting thing about it was it was completely void of any gung-ho, kill-me-a-towel-head mentality. It was honest and intense, but it carried a humility that I didn’t really expect from a military book.

On my autism blog, I told a really convoluted story about refusing to help my autistic child carry something heavy. I promise I had a good reason. (hint: it was a drum set headed for my bedroom)

On my YA blog, I explained how writers need coffee to make the whole thing work, and how editors need tea to keep them from killing us writers.

In funnier stuff, it’s amazing how I didn’t have energy to cook dinner but I managed to find the strength to waste a lot of time on Pinterest. Here you go. You’re welcome.

In other crazy blog news, all this crap happened:

My mother once said to me, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. I don’t think she had any idea it could be so bad.

Dung—A Comfort Food

The Super Spud Trilogy (yup, potatoes, and yup, three books about them)

Have a great week!