This Isn’t Real – UPDATE

This isn’t a real post, but I just kind of feel my blog staring at me and thinking wistfully of the time we used to spend together. Actually, no, it’s my blog, so it’s probably staring at me and thinking wistfully of killing me in my sleep. Probably slowly.

So this isn’t actually a real post, but it’s just to get this stupid blog off my back while I work on other projects. Projects that don’t want to kill me. I hope.

And just to show you just can’t have anything nice in this world, I just found this parody video of the really great piece of art above.

7 thoughts on “This Isn’t Real – UPDATE

  1. This is neither a real read or thoughtful response. My robot parts were programmed to come here and not be real, at all.

  2. This isn’t a real comment, it’s just something I wrote because I thought I’d have to or your blog would kill me.

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