Seriously? WHAT Were You Looking For?

I am ever so fond of every single person who reads this blog, whether they are die-hard fans who read anything I spew here or they are lowly internet people who accidentally found my blog at 2am while trying to complete their sixth graders’ homework projects. Either way, I’m glad you stopped by.

But I am going to have to start taking issue with the WAYS people find my blog. This website gives me all kinds of fancy tools that let me learn a lot of information that might otherwise be useless to someone whose technological know-how doesn’t extend past the wine bottle opener. And I am very sad that the website showed me the keywords that people typed in on the internet that brought them to this blog:

Really? REALLY? SCARY BABIES and DEAD PEOPLE? C’mon, Internet people, work with me here!


14 thoughts on “Seriously? WHAT Were You Looking For?

  1. Lorca, I have be left speechless at some of the way people find my blog as well! It is really scary. I think my mistake is that I have the work “naked” in my blogged book title (Twirling Naked in the Streets…) very very very scary search words are finding me! Many people we would want to keep our children away from!

  2. I like ‘Omish stripper’ which I assume was intended to be ‘Amish stripper’.

    I rarely get interesting search terms – just your bog-standard dragons, zombies, vampires and werewolves.

  3. Hee! That must have been me – Dead People. Anything about Happy Puppet Syndrome? Seems like a topic you should blog about. You’d definitely get some random hits. It is a scary baby disease.

  4. Sometimes I try those weird searches just to see what else is actually out there. My sister has somewhat of a following as a musician, and occasionally I get a hit with her name for a photo I posted of us as kids. When I searched her name, it took no fewer than 20 pages of search results before I got to my blog. Now THAT’S creepy.

  5. About half of the the hits I’ve had were for some variation of “wasp totem,” which I’ve written about twice in a year and a half. I suppose if the need is there, maybe I should do more . . . will have to remember if I need to find you, a search for scary babies will get me here . . .

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