What’s Wrong With My Glitter?

I love my fans. Technically, all my fans are just friends or relatives who know that I need lots of attention, but when I refer to them as fans I feel all important. My “fans” keep sending me funky emails and repinning crap they see on Pinterest so I can find it. I have one “fan” who even made a whole Pinterest board with my name on it where she pins all the stuff that will impress me, like a jar of floating glitter (except this one thing she pinned there for me was actually a jar of floating glitter and when I tried to do it I bought the underachieving kind of glitter that just sat there).

But my one fan Cyndy Drew Etler (who wrote an awesome book that I’m really jealous of but that’s okay, because she’s a great writer AND she’s my fan) actually went the extra mile to amuse me by getting out her camera while driving on the interstate and taking this picture:

Just because she knew I would love it. And because she knows I have to move to a state that starts with a V so I can have one of those, too.

14 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With My Glitter?

  1. I love it when I see a great aginal funny — this post had me chuckling. And not only because you were talking once again about Mariah Carey’s Glitter bomb.

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