Epic Spam Fail

See this tweet I got from Inge-Somethin-Bitchy-Or-Other? I had just sent out the Tweet that my poodle had been stolen from my yard, miraculously escaped from his captors, but then was run over and killed on a major highway about a mile from our house. So IngeBitch the Spambot decides that this is a great time to REQUEST A PICTURE OF MY DOG SO I CAN WIN $1000. Would you like a before or after picture, dumbass? Because the after picture is KIND OF TWO DIMENSIONAL.

I shall punch you in the throat now.

4 thoughts on “Epic Spam Fail

  1. Lorca, I am sorry you lost your dog in such a horrid manner and that the spambot hit soon after. I hate that you had to put up with both incidents.


    • Given that he was stolen by (obviously) idiots criminals, I’m glad to know something definite. I’ve heard more horror stories this week from people who either lost an animal to theft or random attack by people walking past their yards than I ever care to hear. Makes you really rethink letting your dog sit outside to get some sun.

    • Apparently, it’s a huge problem. In fact, we’ve narrowed down our next dog choice from the shelter to one beautiful long-haired poodle and one poodle(mix) with a skin condition that makes her hair come out in clumps. We’re going with the mangy one. A) she needs a home and is less likely to get adopted and B) I don’t want someone stealing our next poodle! Believe it or not, there’s a street market in used dogs.

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