I Haven’t Worn a Bra in Four Days

I would love to be able to look you in the eye and tell you that I’m boycotting bras like my feminist sisters of the past, all as a form of protest against the current state of ugliness towards marriage equality. Unfortunately, it’s really just because I’ve just been too slack-assed to go put one on.

I did actually wear a bra today in honor of that fact that I finally showered. That shower actually only happened because I took off my sweater when I realized it smelled kind of funky, only to realize that the smell didn’t go away when the sweater did.

All of this lack of personal hygiene and general nastiness should be blamed on my form of protest, but no. It’s just Spring Break, or at least, it WAS Spring Break. I actually had to go back to work today for the first time all week and when I went to get in my car, I forgot where I was supposed to sit and ended up getting in the wrong seat and not being able to reach the steering wheel.

Some Susie Sunshine invented the term “staycation” to gloss over the fact that you got to have some much-needed time off but you were still too broke to go anywhere, probably due to the fact that you like to take a week off of work for no reason other than “you deserve it.” If I’m given a whole week to myself but still can’t afford Hawaii, you’d better believe I’m not bathing. Forget protesting, that’s my way of actively punishing the rest of society for the fact that people who work as much as I do still end up feeding their families beans and rice for dinner. And THAT is a whole other smell you don’t want to know about.