This Is My New Best Friend, But She Doesn’t Know It Yet

I have a new best friend and we are going to do absolutely everything together. She doesn’t know it yet. Don’t tell her, I’d like it to be a surprise when I show up at her apartment with take-out waffles and the rope that I’ll need to tie her up with when she freaks out because I’ve let myself in during the night. Just watch.

Yup, that is a real, live government-issue sign language interpreter, but I’ve never seen ANYONE who takes her job that seriously. And I plan to party with that woman. In the non-sexual way, despite what I just said about waffles and rope.

It is also vitally important that you click this link and watch what happens when sign language interpreting goes horribly, herpes-like wrong:

Don’t freak out when it tells you that you can’t watch it. It’s lying to you. You just have to click the little button that says YouTube in the bottom right-hand corner of it. Liar.