Gnash Your Teeth in a Jealous Rage!

Admit it, you’re jealous of the glory that is me. What? You’re not jealous of me, you say? You will be when you take a look at this:

I’m getting one for my mom because she’ll think it’s only mildly disturbingly quirky. I’m getting one for my mother-in-law because she’ll actually believe me when I tell her it’s the detached head from the voodoo doll I made of her.  Mwahahaha…

If you want your own quirky detached head, go look at The zombie Elvis cameo is truly awe-inspiring. I really wish this was a paid advertisement for those people, but sadly, no.

In related news, this necklace tickled my funny bone (get it?) because I’m weird like that. Here is further evidence of my bizarre sense of humor, so check out the stuff I pinned on my Pinterest board. The baby in the tux gets me every damn time.