It’s Possible I’m Going to Eat You When This Is Over

So I was bored the other day and started looking up recipes. Don’t get excited, I don’t plan to cook anything. I just like to look at the pictures and read the recipes and think to myself, “Wow, people who have time to make cornbread and shove it up a turkey’s ass really need to invest in Netflix.”

Even though I don’t plan to put any effort into cooking something, the thought of experimenting with recipes was intriguing so I started to take stock of my own culinary expertise. I eventually realized that the only really great recipe missing from my life is for a human marinade. Why would I need to marinate a human being, you ask? Please. It’s like you don’t even know me.

Let’s avoid violating the Fifth Amendment for a moment and assume that I need this awesome human rubbing spice concoction in case the apocalypse happens. Which apocalypse? Doesn’t matter. I’m just a girl who likes to be prepared to slow roast my fellow man in case of pending starvation…or in case I need to hide the body. was shockingly low on marinade recipes that would fit the bill, so I had to do a little comparison shopping on my different cuts of meat and cross-reference the whole project with what I’d assume an actual person tasted like. We have to take into account things like the fact that adult humans should be fairly stringy and have used their meaty muscles a lot, in which case an alcohol-based marinade will help a lot with the gamey taste. We should also consider the fact that the apocalypse might end up being surprisingly low-carb once all the bread stuffs have molded, so I’ll want a sauce that pairs well with different natural sources of gluten and shrink-wrapped saltines. Sugary marinades are probably not a good idea because the last thing you want at the eat-your-neighbor end of the world is to be sluggish  since you’ll just end up marinating in someone else’s cook pot before nightfall.

Cooking methods were another conundrum. The obvious choice would be grilling over a low flame while the remainder of the meat smokes for later consumption, but the smell of succulentness will just bring on the hordes of hungry survivors and you’ll end up fighting for a pinkie toe before it’s over. Boiled meat is never good (sorry British readers), and we’re already eating a low-grade meat as it is. I think certain methods of cooking the meat in a pit of coals while covering it to trap the smoke might be the way to go.

Before anyone gets nervous or fidgety and thinks I’ve put way too much effort into my research, let me tell you that I drew the line at looking up good side dish recipe, for obvious reasons…I mean, what goes with human hamstring, right? Nothing! And besides, if I had a bunch of side dishes lying around, would I really be resorting to cannibalism? At least that’s the defense I plan to use with the judge.

The Real End of the World. Not the Mayan Kind.

Be ready, the world is ending. Trust me, I mean it this time. I was pretty sure that if Harold Camping’s May 22nd and the Mayan’s December 21st didn’t come through for us, surely this being the first year since 1987 that doesn’t have repeating numerals in the four digits that make up the year had to mean something.

There are a lot of signs of an impending apocalypse, and I’m not talking about more of that “be ready, the zombies are coming” crap. I also don’t mean the Mayans again, whom I had really hoped were right just so we could stop being stupid with the comical threats of apocalii (that’s the new made-up plural of apocalypse…so sayeth me). Signs the world is going to end soon:

1) Milk costs more than beer.

2) Both of those cost less than an equivalent amount of Play Doh.

3) The highest paid internet star is a cat.

4) The cat has a staff of people who keep it secluded from hordes of fans who want to lick its fur and collect its droppings.

5) Those fans are actually human beings.

6) There are TWO different TV shows about how Amish people act a lot like the cast of Jersey Shore.

7) Someone, somewhere, decided to allow Kim Kardashian to reproduce. The future offspring already has a TV show in the works, even though there is a “learns to walk upright” clause.

Please, asteroid that hurtled frighteningly close to our planet (well, frighteningly close in NASA miles…it was really far away in “I have to walk there” miles), please come back and take another swipe at us. And if you do know the date you will hit us, please be considerate to let me know if it will be in the morning or afternoon, unlike those fundamentalist Christians and ancient civilization people.