7 thoughts on “Archives

  1. Yes. I love the way you nudge for a comment: and here it is. There is probably a fatwa on you, too. The internet trolls literally know no bounds. Do NOT engage with them.

    Oh, and keep writing – some of the kids out there need to find your kind of writing to grow up sane.

  2. Someone on Linked In suggested I would be beheaded if I lived in another country because of the nature of my fiction. He went on about adultery, incest, children born out of wedlock, nothing I write about but maybe refer to. I cannot even imagine the twists in his mind. My first reaction is that he has a tiny, limp penis. Does that make me a bad person?

    • Too funny. I got myself kicked out of our church because I write “offensive” young adult literature that features very real situations like bullying, drug use, gay teens, etc. It’s meant to be a joke, but the pastor did actually tell me that it’s an embarrassment!

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