The Apocalypse is Upon Us…Rush Limbaugh Is Up for Children’s Author of the Year

The cool thing about this blog post is that, for possibly the first time in the history of this blog (nay, in the history of blogging), I don’t even have to write anything. The headline says it all. Rush Limbaugh is in the lead for Author of the Year for his children’s book, and by the very definition of that happening, the world is coming to an end. Sadly, since God is not involved in this particular apocalyptic event (turns out assholes aren’t mentioned in Revelation…Satan yes, Rush Limbaugh no), it will happen when Limbaugh’s legions of followers who voted for him finally figure out they were voting for a book and not for a new way to screw over women, and they revolt.

There’s really and truly not much more to say about it, so I’ll let you go take a look. Sadly, you can’t see who’s in the lead until you vote, so let me go ahead and spoiler alert it for you: at last look, Rush had 83% of the vote, followed by second place (Veronica Roth) at something like 9%. This is where I’d love to mount a campaign and take the pig down, but at this point, we’re competing against the fact that he has a syndicated radio show from which to whore himself for votes, and we don’t. We just have moral standards and a desire to not let children read revisionist history books written by men who say things like this to Sandra Fluke who was invited to speak to Congress about why birth control pills (which treat a variety of things other than HYPER-fertility):

“So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.”

Yes, folks, THAT MAN writes children’s books. He wants to watch homemade porn of college women having sex in the privacy of their own homes, but he’s educating the children of the masses on history through a darling series of books that explain how we didn’t actually steal the land from the Native Americans, they lovingly gave it to us because they knew we could do a better job running it. Well, the men could. The women would be busy filming porn.

If you just feel the need to at least be a part of protesting his declaration as AUTHOR OF THE FUCKING YEAR for a CHILDREN’S BOOK, here’s the link:

We won’t win or prevent an entitled asshole from being declared the victor, but hey, it’ll feel just like all the other elections that take place in this country. Have fun!

11 thoughts on “The Apocalypse is Upon Us…Rush Limbaugh Is Up for Children’s Author of the Year

  1. It is a really nice book and seems to merely tell a story about our founding fathers without a political agenda. — unless one feels knowledge of the earlier days of our Nation is a political agenda.

  2. I love your prompt. Of course I do. And I agree: the s&^t hitting the fan AFTER he wins – PRICELESS. But he has to win first. Talk about ASKING for trouble!

    On that theory, if I had any energy I’d go vote for him. You can’t give him any more good publicity – all his fans are already on board. But you can let him take himself to the cleaners the American way – like Anthony Weiner and many before him – by making an idiot of himself in public.

    Let sleeping dogs lie, Lorca. It’s okay. The Universe has a sense of humor.

    Not what you expected me to say? Really? On your lovely ironic blog? Then don’t let me get my cursor into that little text box.

    Thanks for the heads-up – it will be fun to watch the aftermath of this one.


  3. I wrote a note to the organizers advising them that their well-intentioned contest is being subverted and their legitimacy as an organization compromised. When he wins, this result will hit social media in the children’s book community like a bomb, don’tcha think?

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