Way to Discriminate Against Four Legs, Disney

There’s a new show on Disney channel and it’s creeping the snot out of me. It’s called Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, and it’s a darling animated show in which all of these different animals live in the Wild West (hence the title) and they help each other problem solve, get along, play fair, etc. It stars a cat as the sheriff, and there’s a bird of some kind, there are pigs, some cows, a sweet little skunk, and other random and sundry animals. They walk upright and wear clothes (this is the Wild West, not Ancient Rome) and they do things like work on their farms or run the general store or drive the train…you know, good old Old Westy stuff.

Exhibit A: The cows are cowboys who herd…other cows. That’s just wrong. It’s like Stockholm syndrome, playing out in technicolor. They’re all cows, and yet some of the cows wear clothes and run the place. I keep waiting for the pigs to stage a revolution and Boxer the horse to rebuild the windmill before getting sent to the knackers.

Exhibit B: All the animals can talk…EXCEPT THE HORSES THEY RIDE. Yes, these animals ride horses and their horses have cute names like “Clementine.” Only the horses they’re riding can’t talk. They neigh and whinny and stuff, but not words. What the hell, Disney? Are you illustrating that non-verbal and mentally challenged animals are second class citizens who get saddled and ridden all day? The fucking cat wears a hat and talks and rides the non-verbal horse! THE CACTUS CAN TALK, DISNEY…WHY CAN’T THE FUCKING HORSE TALK?!

I haven’t been this disturbed since the movie Barnyard (yet another animated farming travesty of justice) where the male cow Otis has udders. I nearly walked out of the theater. But I’m shaken to my core over this latest cinematic fiasco in which Disney so clearly espouses hatred and discrimination and has flipped plant physiology on its Stetson-wearing head. We’re not through here people.

9 thoughts on “Way to Discriminate Against Four Legs, Disney

  1. Wait… the cows are riding horses and herding other cows? GMAFB. A. The horses would not stand for it. B. The cows wouldn’t stand for it. C. Cows are really heavy.

  2. Did you know that “LASSIE” – was a female dog, “lass” was a MALE? The males have bigger coats including the fur around their necks. I honestly, for years did not know that Lassie was portrayed by a male dog. It didn’t make any sense to me and I was disappointed when I realized that little Timmy calling “Lassie, come on girl”…was a BOY dog…..
    Why wasn’t Lassie a MALE dog to begin with? Because Timmy was a BOY? I was confused…..
    So, I definitely get it Lorca !!

  3. way back in Genesis, the line between human and animal was wearing clothes. I guess Disney uses that to clue us in on the “human like” animal and the old barnyard kind.

  4. Well… Disney has already set a precedence on this. I mean, what’s the difference between Goofy & Pluto?

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