#CTWW Preschool May Not Have Prepared You For Life

I’m completely busy today, as in, “save the whole cave from a herd of angry mammoths”-busy, so for my change the world post today I’m completely ripping off this guy’s very poignant video about how we lie to children every day and tell them that the things that are great about being in preschool are preparing them for life. Remember that sweet poster about all the things you learned in kindergarten, and how awesomely they apply to the rest of your life? Not a chance. As this guy points out, NO ONE WILL EVER PRAISE YOU FOR POOPING once you graduate college. I mean, preschool. It’s time to stop the lies!

If you can make it all the way through his video without having your whole world view on the education system permanently scarred, I’ll hug a dinosaur.

In actual realistic news, we can also change the world by only listening to Jon Stewart’s take on the whole NSA-Whistleblower thing. Anyone other than Jon Stewart who wants to get on TV and talk about how some guy leaking the news that our government spies on people without a warrant is actually committing treason (eyeballing you on this one, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly), also needs to hug a dinosaur. From underneath. While I praise it for pooping.

2 thoughts on “#CTWW Preschool May Not Have Prepared You For Life

  1. As an army brat I knew from the age of 5 that things like telephones and govt quarters could be bugged, But Even I was shocked that the CIA hires high school dropouts as their information analysts. WOW! seems pvt Manning would have taught them something

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