So Are You Gonna Cook Me Some Chicken, Or Not?

I have decided that it’s not actually talking ugly about someone if you a) do it right in front of them so they can hear you and b) if you are completely right. I tried to buy some chicken. That was “some chicken,” not “a chicken,” as in an entire live chicken, but I can see how you might be confused since I once actually paid for part of a  llama with real live money. Anyway, I wanted to buy some chicken, as in cooked pieces from the deli. But alas, it was not to be…because the chicken pimp was stupid.

NOTE: I’m not really sure her official title within the company is actually “chicken pimp.” I made that up. Because she’s stupid. Now, instead of being a mildly-trained deli food service technician, I have decided she’s a chicken pimp because she sells chicken. If I were to sell people, I would be a pimp. Ergo, she’s a chicken pimp.

I wanted wings. This always cracks my mother up, because when she was growing up on the cotton farm, the wings were the “poor people parts.” Rich people ate the white meat, poor people bought the wings. Nowadays, you will pay more in a fine establishment for a wing than she would have had to pay for an entire chicken as a kid.

Technically, I didn’t want the wings. People who eat wings by gnawing on the tiny bones always look like a caveman who is just thrilled to death that he didn’t have to fight a mammoth for this meal. They’re ridiculously tiny, almost like that scene in Big where Tom Hanks is trying to eat the decorative baby corns like they are corn on the cob. Nibble, nibble, nibble, gnaw, suck, slurp. Wipe, if there’s napkin handy.

My daughter, however, LOVES wings. Loves ’em like a caveman. So I went to the deli in the grocery store where they pimp out the cooked chicken, and asked if it was possible to purchase some wings that didn’t have any sauce or seasoning on them and even bothered to explain that it was for a darling little girl who has severe food allergies.

PIMP: Yeah, sure, we can do that. We just have to cook them and then not put stuff on them.  (Already that observation made her magna cum laude of chicken pimping.)

ME: Awesome! My daughter will be so excited! So, can I get about half a pound?

PIMP: We would have to cook them fresh.

ME: Yes. Yes, you would.

PIMP: We got all these wings to sell first.

ME: Oh, I see. So you can’t cook me some new ones?

PIMP: We can, we just can’t open a new bag of wings until these are gone.

ME: So what you’re saying is, you can’t cook me some wings.

PIMP: No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying, these have to get sold first.

ME: Then you can cook the new wings.

PIMP: Well, I can cook them any time. I just have to get rid of all these first.

ME: So, no. You can’t cook ME some wings RIGHT NOW to take HOME. RIGHT NOW.

PIMP: No, I can totally cook them. After these are all gone.

ME (turning to my other child, whose eyes had already glazed over by this point): I don’t think this person knows what “cooking them right now” means.


ME: I asked for wings. She said yes. But then she said no. And then she said yes. And then she said no.

HER: SHHHHHHHHH! She’s standing right there!

ME: So what? I don’t think she can hear me.

HER: Of course she can hear you! She’s two feet away and she’s looking at us and everything, and besides, you are not even pretending to whisper!

ME: But if she did hear me, she will just instantly think that she didn’t hear me. Then she MIGHT think again that she did hear me, but it will be okay since she will immediately think that she didn’t hear me.

HER: Oh my gosh, you have to stop talking. She’s, like, rolling up her sleeves and coming around the counter!

Sadly, I did not get some chicken, non-mammoth caveman wings or otherwise. Luckily, I didn’t get a beat down either, which is really good because I’ve heard those pimps can really bitch-slap you good.

16 thoughts on “So Are You Gonna Cook Me Some Chicken, Or Not?

    • Saw a T-shirt: You can’t fix stupid, but duct tape can muffle the sound!

      (And just to be clear…it was the chicken pimp that we think was stupid, right? RIGHT? 🙂 )

  1. Even as a white child in the south I had SEEN chicken wings ( usually boiled for dumplins after the good parts were fried) but apparently they were unknown in Yankee land where DH is from. Several years ago we went to Hooters and he actually thought the “drumettes” were tiny little legs. The next table was entranced by my chicken humerus vs radius/ulna explanation. BTW Hooters will make “naked” wings anytime you want them.

    • We don’t have a Hooters, which is just as well. The one time I took my kids there when they were very young, the oldest called her daddy on the phone and said, “When I grow up, I want to be a waitress who dances!”

  2. Listen, and by the way I am sympathetic, my chicken pimp did go find me a bag of chicken and cook me some chicken tenders – fresh! She totally did. She went waaaaay into the back of the store and found some fresh chicken tenders and cooked them up for me while I finished shopping because I needed some fresh, hot chicken tenders for my skinny-ass dog who will not eat anything without fresh, hot chicken tenders sprinkled over the top. This is how desperate I am to get him to eat. This is how low I’ve sunk…
    So you want my chicken pimp to come talk to yours?

        • This reminds me of the one bad-attitude cashier at my grocery store. Every one else is great. I tried to make her laugh; she didn’t even crack a smile and it was one of my best jokes, too. The couple behind me laughed. She stood there and looked at me like I had worms. I said, “Sorry I ruined your day.” Geeze, some people, but that’s just mean. Stupid I can overlook. On second thought, nah.

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