The NaNoNess Continues…

“Raina, look at me. No, look at me. We’re going to be okay. I know we will.”

“How?” she asked him. “Just tell me how and I’ll believe it. I’ll throw myself on the fire to put it out myself if you can just tell me how it will be okay.”

“I can’t answer that yet, but I just know it. Can’t we hunt around here? Is there anything we can find to eat? C’mon, you’re the Find, remember?” She did smile a little at his remembering her job back in Refuge.

“I’m the Find,” she sighed. “We’ll hunt. Come on, I’ll need help bringing back whatever we kill.” She stood to go, grabbing up her slingshot rifle and pocketed some shards of glass out of a pouch on her pack. Xander made to go with her.

They walked a good ways from their makeshift camp to a thicker part of the woods, hoping animals might be more plentiful away from the path and where the trees would hide them. Raina crouched low suddenly, holding a hand back towards Xander to make him stop his walking. She squatted close to the ground and held both hands to her mouth, using their twisted shape to whistle a bird call. Xander whispered a scoff.

“The two of us are going to eat sparrows? Are you going to call the little woodland birdies to your hand like the princess in the story?” He managed to hold back his laugh, but only because they were hunting. Raina sighted something through the trees and immediately shouldered her slingshot and fired in one fluid motion, then darted off into the thick patch of brush and trees. Xander simply stared after her, afraid to follow her and risk making a noise that would scary off any potential dinner.

She returned only minutes later with a largish dog thrown over her shoulders, its neck dangling at a nauseating angle, blood seeping from where her glass shard had hit it directly through the eye. She tossed the dog over her head and off her shoulders, letting it land directly in front of Xander.

“No, we’re going to eat the coyote that thinks we’re birds. Now carry that back to the fire.” She turned her back on him and slung her slingshot up on one shoulder, walking with a cocky saunter. Xander couldn’t see her face with her back turned to him, but he knew she was smiling that annoyingly smug grin of hers. Again.


8 thoughts on “The NaNoNess Continues…

      • My #NaNo bit the dust. I keep thinking, maybe I can catch up and make it but the truth is my eyes won’t hold out. No vocal software for me yet darn it. I haven’t quit writing, I just am not making the word count. The writing continues so I guess it hasn’t REALLY bitten the dust, it is just on a side rail instead of the fast track.


          • No, I haven’t tried Dragon. I will check it out. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it. This is a relatively new problem for me that is going from acute to chronic.


          • I’ve only ever used the free version because I don’t need it for writing. It IS slow, though, but if my choices were never write or use that, I would. Like I said, I haven’t tried the bells-and-whistles version.

            Have you thought about having someone type your dictation? I use a program ($18 download) called Total Recorder. I record my voice reading our short stories at school so that my students who don’t read well can listen to me through their headphones while they read the story on the computer screen. It’s very simple, because it is just an unlimited recording that converts your voice into a WAV file that can be played through Windows Media Player. Contact your local community college for any department where students have to learn to type. Even the local high school vocational program…I bet they would have students listen to your recording (especially since you can email it to them as the WAV file!) then type it, in order to learn to take dictation. They can just email you back the Word document!

          • Lorca, thanks for the recommendations. I really, really appreciate it. At this point I can still see to write but I am much slower than I once was. It is frustrating but you have given me some great ideas. Thank you again.



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