Really, I Got This.

It’s really awesome that people send me funny stuff to write about, OR, they really suck for thinking that I’m not funny enough on my own. My own sister tried to get me killed this week by having me write a funny blog post about two MAJOR rival motorcycle gangs, one of whom rhymes with Bells Pangels, getting into a turf war that ended in three deaths over who got to use that neighborhood’s Starbucks. Seriously, people, thanks but no thanks. I like my lattes and my pulse.

But someone sent me this one and it just cannot be ignored. I will shut up now and let you enjoy it. If you’re eating a meal right now, feel free to go play Angry Birds on your iPhone and come back after you’ve digested.

4 thoughts on “Really, I Got This.

  1. Thankfully, that’s fake. Besides the headline font being a little too crisp, a quick search shows no news related to a 16 year old named “Daniel Tuttle”, no reporter with the name of James Watkins, and no news stories even remotely similar associated with New Hope Hospital.

    Good thing it’s fake too, because I was all set to go over there and punch some morons in the neck.

    • I would say, “Thank goodness!” but I wasn’t all that concerned with it being real, either. It DOES, however, carry the stench of someone actually printing up a fake newspaper with his college buddy’s name in the article to mess with him. How would you like to walk in your favorite bar and find THAT ARTICLE hanging behind the counter?

    • I agree with you, but without personally knowing the victims, I’m able to see that there is one less idiot among us and two fellow idiots are about to become really, really poor after the lawsuits. The really victim was the cow.

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