The To Do List

The only thing better than getting stuff done is making out a really incredible list of things I’m going to get done. I’m not one to slack off by haphazardly going about the house and straightening here and there, oh no, I have supremely, larger-than-life to do lists. Today’s list included running ten miles, repainting a bedroom, unraveling fourteen strands of white Christmas lights leftover from a street fair booth six years ago, learning to use the new fancy corkscrew my husband bought me several birthdays ago, cleaning up all of the Legos that are spread throughout the playroom, and rolling out a pie crust to make a pot pie for dinner tomorrow. I completely figured out how to use the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine and once I had crossed that item off my list I couldn’t get anything else finished. I did drag the bottle of wine and one glass up to the playroom and cleaned up Legos for an hour and a half; it’s amazing how much you can enjoy a task while having wine.

I did accomplish a few tasks that weren’t on the to do list: I accidentally found the charger cord to my cell phone three phone upgrades ago, finally watched two of the movies on my Netflix queue but one of them was a dolphin documentary so I don’t know if that one counts, knit half of the scarf my daughter wants to wear as Hermione Granger for Halloween, and made a loaf of French bread. While I was running what turned out to be only four miles instead of the aforementioned ten, I did think up a whole new fantastic concept for a sock, which I fully intend to patent and become rich from if I ever get around to finding out how you patent something. The day was also not wasted as I took the kids to see the Nanny McPhee sequel, bought a lime green skillet, and found another bottle of wine in the cabinet (nope, I didn’t drink it, just was ultra-pleased to have found it).

It’s amazing how you can waste a day and get so much done. If I only had another four hours left in today, I could have made my own peperoncini vinegar, brewed a cup of homemade chai, and embroidered a throw pillow. Good thing I have some paper to put down a list…

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