Guest post: National “Novel Idea” Writing Month

Guest post: National “Novel Idea” Writing Month.

I get to be really lazy today, because technically I did write this post. I wrote it and emailed it to someone named MB Mulhall, who posted it on her blog. Then she tweeted a link to her blog, where I found it on Twitter, clicked on it, and voila`! There were my words on the screen. Somewhere, a budding young astrophysicist is writing his doctoral thesis on how this whole circle just happened.

The upshot is, this is technically MY blog post, so I don’t have to write a different one to put on MY blog. I’m just stealing MINE back. However, I will warn you in advance: it’s not funny and I wasn’t allowed to use any swear words at all. Not even “crap.” Huh. Enjoy!

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