How Come I’m Not The Incredible Hulk?

A few weeks ago I finally caved in to the peer pressure from my screaming cervical vertebrae and went to the doctor. It didn’t go well. After the nurse caught me live-tweeting pictures of the blood spatter on the exam room garbage can, the doctor poked and prodded and announced that I have neck arthritis. I guess if you have to have arthritis anywhere, your neck is as good a place as any because even if you have to hold it really still you can kind of function.

The doctor wanted to let the nurse (the same one who frowned when I asked her to pose by the exam glove dispenser for my Tweet) give me cortisone shots in my neck but I had to respectfully decline. These people can’t seem to change a garbage can liner without spraying human blood everywhere. You’re not injecting my spinal cord.

So he sent me home with a steroid pack and I have to say I am really disappointed. I can’t open a jar any better than I could before I took those pills. My neck still hurts and I still can’t lift my car. I was gipped.

This is not a human. It's a balloon animal. Seriously, he can't clap his hands in front of him.

If I’m going to have to suffer the side effects, or rather, make my husband suffer from my having side effects, I should at least get to have radioactive spidey-powers. At the very least I’d like to see through walls so I can find my kids’ shoes in the morning. It would be nice to be able to have super-sniffing so I can find the source of that strange smell without having to move the refrigerator. After all, I’m not strong enough to do that by myself.

I am, however, using the excuse of being afflicted with ‘Roid Rage as an excuse for being bitchy at people. Whenever I snark at someone or jump in front of them in line at the grocery store, I just let them know that I’m on steroids and I could have roundhouse-kicked them instead. Just don’t let them know that I’m not even strong enough to work the can opener.

6 thoughts on “How Come I’m Not The Incredible Hulk?

  1. How disappointing. They were my ace in the hole as I get older. Now that they are giving them for arthritis I had planned on being the “super woman of shady pines”. If they just make me weak and bitchy I can’t figure out they are a drug of abuse! I can do that by staying up too late and drinking three cups of coffee!

  2. Jebus, that dude looks like a head of cauliflower.

    If it’s any consolation, those steroid packs are usually 2 mg of prednisone. I was prescribed 100 mg of prednisone daily for a while and I didn’t turn into the Hulk or even Barry Bonds. Of course, I was so sick I couldn’t exercise to take advantage of the roids, but what the hell?

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