I am a wife, mother, writer, teacher, triathlete, marathon runner, and overall snarky person. I am currently working on my third sixth novel, but please don’t go looking for either of the first two five yet since no one thought they were any good. Except for my mother, who thought the first one was lacking but had nothing but the highest praise for the second one. She has offered to write a review for her hometown newspaper.

Between the hours of midnight and four when I used to do nothing but just lie there, I am now a staff writer for GoodEReader.com’s online magazine and am very proud of my articles for the Indie Author Initiative.

Please follow me on Twitter @LorcaDamon in case I say anything profound that you feel you cannot miss. Feel free to Friend me on Facebook since I don’t know how it works and therefore cannot stop you. A third cousin of someone I went to junior high school with posts my horoscope on my Facebook wall every day and I am powerless to stop him.

Thank you!

14 responses

  1. Pretty damn funny, a woman after my own heart. Just wrote my first blog post for you. It will be the start of my personal travel stories. Have a read and thanks a trillion for the review. TOPs!

  2. Lorca, I am a true southerner and Daddy used to make us “Hot Toddies” for colds. A bit of whiskey ( Tennesee whiskey) warmed up with lemon juice and honey. I don’t know how but It ALWAYS worked! Still does…;)

  3. […] Lorca Damon, a sassy author (Autism by Hand and others) and the 2010 National Prison Teacher of the Year. (Top that! I, for one, would never mess with her.) […]

  4. Hey there! Thanks for subscribing to my website. Please send me an e-mail so you can claim your sample edit! gabriela at gabrielalessa dot com

  5. I love your writing style and the topics you choose – I’m not just saying that because we’re related (BTW, you’re my favorite stepdaughter’s sister-in-law).

  6. Sign me up! This is brilliant stuff!

  7. Is this thing on?

  8. I normally don’t care for blogs, but I read the majority of the things you’ve written here. I do believe I’ll be reading more of your writing in the future, provided you continue to post of course.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ll continue to post of course…the blog is the only entity I can force to listen without involving duct tape and a heavy chair!!!

  9. Yay! You are officially my favorite blogspot.

  10. I really enjoy your sense of humor!

  11. You’re my hero! Love the postings!!

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